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A special form of functional physical exercise - "Kaizen Fitness" is integrated into our training. It gives you better fitness, strength and body control, making you even more effective in managing challenges. The goal is to increase physical capacity and will strength to handle real situations.
The training is based on short-term functional full body strength and fitness, which gives good health.
The exercises are mainly done as circular training with mid sores, your own body weight or different functional weights. During some exercises, another person's body weight is used to face a bigger challenge.

Kaizen Fitness is characterized by the following:
• High pulse
• Multiple muscle groups in an exercise
• Continuous design without rest
• Short time, 10-15 minutes
• Self-defense Custom
• Individual Custom

In addition to feeling better, looking better and more satisfied with ourselves when we are well trained, a general physical ability gives better opportunities for decision making and performance in difficult situations. In order to handle the diversity of situations that arise, one has a balanced ability in the above areas. The training aims at improving all aspects of physical ability that can be divided as follows. A high general physical ability improves our ability to make decisions and perform in difficult situations.

You challenge yourself by doing as much as you can. Self or with a companion Exercises adapt to your own ability so that you always get a workout that is effective but not harmful.
The challenges include both self-defense techniques, middle exercises and physical exercise. In the beginning, the exercises are easier, but as you learn more they become more challenging.