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Kaizen Ryu Combat 

Kaizen Ryu Combat (KRC) is more than a self-defense and close combat system. It is a philosophy and a concept.
KRC is a modern, efficient and realistic system, designed to face reality as it looks today and beyond. The system is based on technology, tactics and strategy for identifying, preventing and managing threats, confrontations and emergency situations. 


KRC is a combat art designed to meet today's and tomorrow's battles in various forms, where the goal is to quickly, efficiently, avoid, handle, confront and neutralize opponents in the safest possible ways with or without weapons.

One of our most fundamental thoughts in the system is always to pursue tactical takeover, for example through superior tactics, technology, education, knowledge, mental preparation, equipment, etc.

We often practice different types of scenarios with associated tactics; lying, standing, outdoors and indoors, in crowded spaces and in crowds. With or without the groin, against one or more offenders.

The exercise is very physical with gradually increasing fitness requirements. 

One of our assignments is to guide our students through the pursuit of martial arts. Teaching important values such as discipline, humility, positive attitude and respect for oneself and others.

Kaizen means "Continuous Development". The name summarizes what we do, mainly considering our strong focus on continuous development in defense and close combat. That the system will always continue to evolve and adapt to reality.

We are dedicated to providing you with a positive, value-based environment with others. Our vision is to help you build physical fitness, self-esteem and humility by studying martial arts.

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291 33 Kristianstad