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We provide both courses, seminars and workshops, scheduled group training and private instructor (PI).

Seminars and workshops
We offer courses, training and training in modern, efficient and realistic self-protection, power of attorney and weapon tactics to businesses, authorities and individuals.
Shorter seminars and workshops, including in the form of intensive and introductory courses with different themes - either at us or elsewhere.

Private Training (PI)
Private Instructor (PI) is offered to individuals and groups, eg. companies and organizations, as well as private individuals. The content and layout of the training are then individually planned according to the background, the conditions and the goals. Private training usually takes place in our own premises but can also be arranged outside of the customer. For more information please contact us.

Careful handling
Particularly focused on healthcare professionals and elderly care staff in order to handle customers without causing any form of violation and harm.

Our courses and programs are 100% focused on effective self-defense and self-protection and work in everyday situations and more extreme scenarios, such as defense of armed attacks and several opponents as well as the use of own weapons and shelter.

The courses include both technology, tactics and strategy to identify, prevent and handle the vast majority of threats, confrontations and violence and emergency situations. Emergency, mental preparation, stress and conflict management and first aid are also highlighted and taught.