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Clothing and equipment
Suitable attire are long training pants / black t-shirt, gown, sneakers / wrestling shoes. When you graduate to the first belt you should buy the club's clothes for training as soon as possible. Your grade belt should always be worn.  We recommend that you buy your own suspension, gloves and gloves as soon as possible. All other equipment is available at the club.

We recommend a presence of at least 80% in order to accommodate and retain what you learn and if you want to be promoted to more advanced training in the future.

Well-being and safety rules
All members of the KRC are required to comply with our well-being and safety rules. This in order to create as nice, safe and developing training environment as possible.

Once you pay the termination fee, you agree to respect our rules. It is also the member's own responsibility to sign a personal accident insurance, if necessary, and undergo any necessary medical check-ups before exercise commences.

Sample Training
Anyone interested in our business is welcome to test before they decide to become members. The trial is free and can be done max twice. Thereafter, a fixed term fee is required for continued training.

Test training must be notified beforehand! Testing also involves active participation; Attending only as a spectator on a workout is not allowed.